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The East Journal on Approximations was founded by mathematicians from Eastern Europe in 1995 to keep research in Approximation Theory alive in this region of the world where the theory was born and where young promising mathematicians really need encouragement right now.
Contributions of the following types will be published in English.

Invited Lectures
These are articles that present a clear an insightful exposition of contemporary research in approximation theory or related areas, elegent treatment of classical problems, simple approach to important questions, new methods and techniques, personal views about approximation theory and its development, historical notes. Papers of this kind are published by invitation of the Editors.

Research Papers
The purpose of this section is to publish quickly new theoretical results of high standard. Original contributions to all fields of approximation theory will be considered for publication.

Open Problems
Short notes discussing new as well as old open problems will be published in this department. The materials should provide enough information about the problem: motivation, references, conjectures, partial results.

Translations of papers not available in English will be included occasionally.